Reading is fundamental at Beech Elementary

Dr Seuss has a profound quote that says “The more you read the more things you know. The more that you learn the more places you’ll go” Reading is a common thread that allows each of us an adventure experienced uniquely by one’s own mindset.

Redford’s very own, Beech Elementary School was able to experience this phenomenon with #25 Detroit Mercy Titans’ forward guard Gerald Blackshear. Jr. Gerald spent the day up close and personal with many of the elementary school students, reading some of their favorite books.

Koren Clinkscale ,Principle, Beech Elementary School #25 Detroit Mercy Titans Gerald Blackshear, Jr.,During the last week of school; The principle Koren Clinkscale welcomed the 6’9’’ Gerald and escorted him into the classrooms, while excited little people looked up in admiration listening and clenching every word that the humble young man read. It is a memory that many of them will hold close to their heart, throughout the rest of their lives.

Beech Elementary coincidentally, is one of the few elementary schools that reopened their once closed library doors. Clinkscale and Blackshear both strongly believes that reading is a fundamental expectation of education.

“Today a reader tomorrow a leader” Margaret Fuller