Redford Township annual festival was held June 13-16th at Ball Creek County Park, 16300 Inkster Road. The festival is held each year and lasts for three days with each night promising loads of family excitement and Fun! Fun! Fun! Friday night was filled with the usual fair gaiety's

such as games, Ferris wheel and carnival rides provided by Arnold Amusement., face painting by face flair, elephant ears, corn dogs and other wonderful food vendors.

Friday night on stage, performing was the band SinJon Smith who entertained the crowd with rock and roll, old school, country and even a bit of the good old eighties funk. SinJon kept the bystanders on the dance floor right up to the 10pm fireworks exhibition.

The fireworks were one of the best that I have seen, lasting way beyond the average 22 minutes. The seating in the center of the park allowed for a perfect breath-taking view of the dramatic sky show. The township did not disappoint the community and spectators. This year’s fireworks started with a bang and ended with a super bang bang.

Friday night was amazing!!! Big shout out to the Redford Township Festival Committee Melinda Graczyk - President, Jason Alberty - Vice President, Roger Walker - Treasurer, Jennifer Kurland - Secretary, Mike Dennis, Rich Bloom, JT Arwood, Cassie Thierfelder.