You must be the change you wish to see in the world !
Vanessa D.Kuttab, BSB, MBA

      Vanessa, lives in Redford, Michigan with her husband. She was born in Detroit grew up and lived on the East Side,in the Jefferson Chalmers Community.  She earned her bachelor’s degree (BSB) in E-business, and her Master degree in business with a marketing concentration. (MBA).

      Her mother was a single parent who sent all eight of her children to parochial school from first through 12th grade. Although, money was sometimes scarce, education. perseverance, and the ideology of doing the right thing, loving your family and being a productive member of society was taught and preached by her mother who is an ordained Minister.

     Vanessa is a seasoned tax preparer, with over 10 years’ experience in the preparation of forms 1040a,1040’s and 1099’s including all schedules and forms in an IRS federal and state of Michigan tax return. During her off season of tax preparation Vanessa has worked with investors to lease and sale foreclosed home in metropolitan Detroit for over 8 years.

     Vanessa has also worked in different business entities which has given her a large realm of information and experience. This experience includes being a career advisor for John Casablancas and a medical office manager. In the adviser position she mentored and prepared numerous students for runway events, fashion shows and advertising campaigns. In the role of manger, she bought the office up to code, revamped procedures, created a web presence bought a six-month lapsed billing department current and maintained a sufficient, professional office environment.

     Vanessa, believes that every individual has unique key components necessary to pursue and become the best of who they are and every small business can attain success through hard work and persistence.                                                                                                            the change you wish to see in our world  .(GHANDI)


Lasteve Edwards
                   Credit Repair Specialist/Licensed Realtor

Lasteve Edwards, CEO and Co-Founder, of Finance My Future

is a 32 year old Detroit Native.. He has successfully operated his own business as a Credit Repair Specialist along with being a licensed realtor since 2015. He is aware of the huge factors finances play in structuring the community. He wants to promote awareness of the barriers of financial distress.


As a Credit Repair specialist Lasteve is committed to helping to generate a new mindset for all Metro Detroit and surrounding community residents. His goal is to educate people on how to make more conscious financial decisions; By educating them on how to sustain a financially stable lifestyle. 

Julius Smith
Manager/Tax Preparer
Business Student/Young Entrepreuer


Julius is a recent graduate from Henry Ford community college, with an  associate's in business. Julius has a strong background in communications, promoting and managing. He manages several local musician of different genres and currently promoting artists with BU Records.

In 2018, Julius initiated DCTRC's pick up and delivery tax preparation service where he personally goes out to meet and greet clients. He is committed to making sure that every client that enters the DCTRC doors is welcomed and worry free.


Saleena Smith
Tax Preparer/Business student/
Accounts Receivable and Payables

In addition to being a senior tax preparer, Saleena is responsible for a broad spectrum of accounting duties such as general bookkeeping, payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivable managing the financial transactions and records of the tax clients as well as the office staff.

Saleena, handles outgoing bills and invoices on behalf of the company. These bills might include utility payments, product or inventory invoices, employee expense accounts and reimbursements she is responsible for:

  • Updating and maintaining records of expenditures.

  • Sending out payments for company credit cards

  • Responding to vendor invoices

  • Ensuring that all payments are made in accordance with company policy

  • Ensuring that all payments are sent on time

  • Resolving payment discrepancies and disputes on behalf of the company

  • Printing in issuing client and payroll checks


Willie J. Smith III, ABA

Part time Tax Preparer/ 

Sales and Leasing Consultant:Les Stanford  (313.565-6000)

Willie has a strong background in Sales and Leadership. He worked as the Manager of a major Men's clothing store for over ten years and was recently hired in as a leasing consultant for a prestigious car dealership. He has always had a special niche in helping consumers find the best quality and rates that fit there very own unique style.

He brings that knowledge and experience to DCTRC understanding that good people are entitled to receive good personalized care when it comes to their personal finances. He plans on assisting with the small business growth of DCTRC.

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